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Workplace Mental Health Expert, Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate, Author, Keynote Speaker, Resiliency Expert,  Wonder Woman

The evolution of a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and reconstruction through candid images, no holds barred journal entries, and things you need to know that you won't see or read anywhere else.

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Melissa A. Martin, M.S.

I'm going to be a Big Sister! I'm Going to be a Big Brother! A one of a kind book for children when mom is having a baby! Children 3 to 10 can now follow along each month in their mom's pregnancy the same way millions of expectant women have been doing. Beautifully illustrated with dozens of activities and conversation provoking information, Belly Check reinforces the older siblings importance to themselves, to their soon to be baby brother or sister, and to their family. Before the baby is born is the most important time to help a child begin to adjust to the whirlwind of changes ahead. Throughout each months readings, a series of parental bonding activities are integrated into a fun and humorous approach. Belly Check provides a silly, engaging and unique way in which your child looks to see, and keeps track of how much moms belly has grown with a "belly check" at the end of each months readings. A ruler, included, allows your child to match up objects in their own environment that are the same size and weight as the developing baby, making "the new baby" even more relatable and part of the big brother or big sisters environment before they are even home!