Melissa is able to customize products and printed materials to your workforce, and assist in improving overall employee morale and productivity in the workplace - at times utilizing programs you already  have in place.  Melissa's Workplace Mental Health portfolio topics range from Psychological First Aid for Managers, to Compassionate Termination in ending Employee/Employer Relationships, Responding to Critical Incidents, to providing in depth surveys on the state of your company's overall mental health environment with practical strategies for improvement. 

Simple, cost effective and quick to implement customized HR and company wide strategies.  

Consult with Melissa, and see what a difference working with a Certified and experienced Master's level Mental Health Counselor who has worked in the industry for over 15 years, can do to help transform your company culture and reputation while.

Some of the services available include; mental health training for team leaders and senior management, internal campaigns to raise awareness about mental well-being and thriving while working with a mental illness/diagnosis, and holding regular employee workshops on a variety of topics.

"Because what happens before and after work doesn't remain there. Whatever is going on in an employees life outside of work hours, continues to exist during the work day. Life does not exist in neat compartments, and psychological and mental health problems don't just disappear when an employee starts their work day.  Employees that are happy in the workplace, are more productive and are motivated."

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Consultant, Mental Health Counselor,

Workplace Mental Health Expert, Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate, Author, Keynote Speaker, Resiliency Expert,  Wonder Woman

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Melissa A. Martin, M.S.


  • Kink/Fetish friendly
  • Non-monogomous, open relationship and poly counseling and coaching

​A unique and favorite event  in Melissa's Breast Cancer Advocacy and Awareness portfolio is her Open Forum Guided Discussion.   The Open Forum Discussion is about the realities faced by patients and their family members, and some things to expect when going through cancer, treatment and surgery.  Topics discussed include Sexuality to Mental Healing, medicinal marijuana use to questioning your doctor and everything in between.  This is a highly interactive program with the audience, and delves into many areas of importance that are often missed.  This forum  is ideal for women's groups, millennials, support groups for newly diagnosed, medical professionals and more.

​Melissa shares very personal photos to shadow her presentations that are sure to leave a lasting impression.  Her teaching by example when it comes to breast health, has an emphasis on the importance of early detection and self-examination, advocacy to educate women of all ages, inspires, entertains, informs and delivers on a wide range of dynamic keynotes with practical take aways to empower women of all ages. ​